Southridge Working Border Collies

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Southridge Bred Competition Dogs

We are very proud of all our owners who are out there loving life with their dogs.  The following are some of the Southridge dogs out there competing actively in agility, obedience or working.  Not to disclude the dogs we have out there on drystock farms Southridge is proud that over 75% of our pups over the last 10 years are in agility, obedience, working, tracking and SAR homes.  Dogs with a job.

The Agility Dogs

Bryn - Southridge High Flyin Bryn JDX owned by Kim Thomas.  Photo courtesy of Caitlin Frater, Betelgeuse Photography.

Vapor - Ag Ch J Ch Southridge Vapor Trail ADXG JAX owned by Reece Smith. 

Tirra - Southridge True Blood AD JDX owned by Jason Buckland.  

Vibe - Southridge Vibrant Ambition JDX AD FDX owned by Teresa Walker.

Paris - Southridge Stars in Her Eyes at Haulton ADXB  JDX owned by Jess Needham.

Fly - Southridge Flying High FD owned by Janine Easton.  

Maisie - Southridge Capree Rose JD owned by Anna Whybro.  

Possum - Southridge Poss n Boots JD owned by Glenda Boerboom. 

Sky - Southridge Skyez the Limit owned by Megan Jones. 

Will - Southridge BBC Will O th Wisp ADX JDX RN owned by Barbara Lowen.  

Pepper - Southridge Peppermint Fire HT PT owned by Annette Ross in Australia.

Fynn - Southridge Race to the Finish owned by Kate Edwards.  Photo courtesy of Caitlin Frater - Betelgeuse Photography.

Storm - Southridge Force Ten Storm owned by Graeme Lawson.  Photo courtesy of Caitlin Frater, Betelgeuse Photography.
Robbie - Southridge Reach for the Stars owned by Sue Robertson.

Bluff - Bluff of Southridge owned by Merck Salazar Jnr in the Phillipines.  

Huntly - Huntley of Southridge owned by Merck Salazar Jnr in the Phillipines.  

Vali - Southridge Rivaling Chaos owned by Teresa Walker.

AJ - Southridge Mai Adventure owned by Jason Buckland. 
Kibo - Southridge Fast as Lightening owned by Ryan Ong Cabahug in the Phillipines.  
Leigh - Leigh of Southridge also owned by Merck Salazar Jnr of the Phillipines.  

Marble - Southridge Colour of Marble owned by Lyn Clearwater.

Storm - Southridge Raging Storm owned by Ian Clearwater.

Splash - Making a Splash at Southridge owned by Sue Bradbury (Australia).

Vegas - Southridge High Roller owned by Anna Whybro.

Deeks - Lord Deeks of Southridge owned by Chrissie Neaves.

Belle - Southridge Belle-Fast Beauty owned by Ian Lappin.

Finn - Southridge Finneghan's Wake owned by Dr Sarah Daly.

Hiedi - Sorcha Hiedi of Southridge owned by Adrian Cross.

Mylo - Southridge Tryn Buya Lilac owned by Barbara England.

The Obedience Dogs

Bracken ( Obedience Champion Google D Answer to Southridge RN owned by Nicky Roughton.  

Gypsy - Gypsy Lass of Southridge owned by Nicky Roughton.
Sonny - Southridge Rocky Road owned by Anita Ollerenshaw. 

Marble - Southridge Colour of Marble RN owned by Lyn Clearwater.

Storm - Southridge Raging Storm RN owned by Ian Clearwater.

Chappel (No Chappel at Southridge) owned by Lyn Clearwater.  Sadly Chappel passed away in a tragic accident in 2015.

Chase (Southridge Dream Chaser) owned by Julie Donovan Canine Behaviouralist.  

Gryfter (Southridge Winterbourne) owned by Julian Pipe. 

Drama (Southridge Never A Drama) owned by Karen Hay.  

Echo - Southridge Chance's Echo CDX UDX owned by Carolyn Roberts.

Lacey - Southridge a Touch of Lace owned by Janine Johnson.

Tilly - Southridge Bushmans Bundle owned by Brenda Cameron.

Jordie - Southridge My Wee Jordie owned by Kerren Glasson.

The Trial Dogs - Australia

Pepper - Southridge Pepper Mint Fire HT PT owned by Annette Ross (Australia).  

Chisum - Southridge Lord Chisum HIT PT owned by Alice Baxter in Australia. 

Tracking and SAR Dogs

Echo - Southridge Chances Echo owned by Carolyn Roberts. Tracking and obedience.

Delta - Southridge Sunrise on Delta owned by Lyn Haenga.  Tracking.

Wally - Southridge Wheres Wallace owned by Tash Austin.  Land SAR.

Southridge Kuihi owned by Michaela Sharp.  Land SAR.

Cruise - Wulff Cruizin of Southridge owned by Gary Wulff Dog Trainer/Behaviourist. Land SAR, Cadarba and movie work.

Frank (Frank Wulff of Southridge) owned by Gary Wulf Dog Trainer/Behaviouralist. LAND SAR, CADABRA, MOVIE/AD WORK.  Frank sadly died from Tetanus in 2014.