Southridge Working Border Collies

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Tess - Southridge on Point

DNA pending.

Tess is out of Griff and Tiki.  We have waited years to do a mating like this.  These two encompass all of the dogs we have bred over the years with Tess being the 6th generation Southridge.  We always had high hopes for what these two would produce and Tess has not let down the side.

Tess is strong eyed with a beautiful natural working instinct and very stylish.  She is highly and easily trainable and just a joy to have around.  It has taken just 3 x 15 minute sessions to put a wait, walk and sides on her although obviously not yet fully reliable.  She is a very sensible young dog at 7 months.  We have high hopes and hope our training doesn't let her down!

Around home she is a very sweet dog who is very people orientated with a play drive that sometimes gets her in trouble, there are only so many soggy toys we like shoved in our faces but she is training us nicely.  If she wants to play, this is how she initiates it.  Her focus is just beautiful and like her dads lines no amount of training is enough for her so you have to know when to call it quits on her behalf.  Sweet and happy around the house, all business in the paddock.  Just how it should be.

Registration Number: 07098-2019             Sex : Bitch
Whelped : 16/07/2019                                      Colour : Black/White Smooth Coat


                        SSS : BROADFIELD SILVER JADE (08704-1994)
          SS : ELDERBERRY MAX (18002-2008)
                        SSD : ELDERBERRY HOLLY
  S : SOUTHRIDGE FIRST TRY (18003-2009, NZSDTA 19961)
                        SDS : MILANGIMBI TAINTED LOVE (IMP AUS) 3100135088
            SD : ABBYDEL TE-ANAU LASS (01126-2007)
                          SDD : ABBYDEL BLACK SATIN (03259-2002)
                         DSS : JIM (ISDS 276789)
             DS : CAP (ISDS 00/324171)
                         DSD : MEG (ISDS 00/307063)
                         DDS : GLEN (NZSDTA/DOGS NZ 20521)
             DD : SOUTHRIDGE RIF RAFF GOLD FEVA (03385-2015)
                         DDD : SOUTHRIDGE HELLS LIL ANGEL (0725-2013)