GetAwayBack & Southridge Working Border Collies

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Possum - Southridge Lil Minx - CEA/CL/ TNS Clear, Glaucoma Carrier

Possum is one out of the box.  The one thing we must ALL understand about Possum is that she is not a dog, no, she is human and demands to be treated as such.

She is a stunning example of the breed and has that beautiful trait of her grandmother and father with beautiful bright alert eyes and ears, none of the three would ever miss a trick!

Possum is one of Griffons first daughters and I think that it was love at first sight for the both of us, although Jason was not convinced in the beginning.  She has a very high food and toy drive, the best eye I have seen on a border collie in a long time and an intelligence that can’t be denied.  She has been lightly worked her cast is natural and wide, her head is instinctive and she holds a beautiful albeit fast point of balance, she is unfortunately too intense for a small holding so she is now my constant companion and can be seen almost anywhere I go and dogs, oops four legged humans, are allowed to go.

Possum is learning tricks at present and has a long list to achieve – right circle, left circle, dead dog, crawl, shake hands left and right, walk tall all of which she has sorted and the next we will be learning will be cross paws, leg weaves, sing and I really want to teach her specific item identification, i.e. to fetch certain items by using their name – brush, tuggy, giraffe (toy) etc.  Her natural instinct to head is prominent in all group games and sometimes gets her into trouble with her granny and the rabbit!

Possum has also been trained to track and eradicate rodents, possum’s and rabbits, this is something she enjoys immensely!

She has earnt her nickname of Princess from all her human friends due to her propensity for denying her dogginess and being a clear favourite at home.

Possum had just the one litter in 2014.  Sadly at the time the goniodysgenesis/glaucoma DNA test was not available, becoming readily available in 2019.  In 2020 we found out that Possum was a carrier of glaucoma as was the sire of her litter.  This resulted in some of the pups being predisposed or at risk for glaucoma an issue that is now widespread across the breed in NZ (not obviously because of Possum).  Fortuitously we had swabs here to update tests on our current breeding stock so are awaiting results as we speak.


Registration Number: 03005-2010                        Sex : Bitch


Whelped : 27/02/2010                                                 Colour : Black & White



                              SSS : BROADFIELD SILVER JADE (JADE)

             SS : ELDERBERRY MAX (MAX)

                              SSD : ELDERBERRY HOLLY (HOLLY)


                              SDS : MILANGIMBI TAINTED LOVE (IMP-AUST) 


             SD : ABBYDEL TE-ANAU LASS 01126-2007  

                              SDD : ABBYDEL BLACK SATIN 03259-2002


                              DSS : MILANGIMBI MOON RIVER H I T 3100083590


                              DSD : SEKAL A SHOWKAN FARWELL 6100018397


                              DDS : BROXA MACHRIE OF ARRAN


                              DDD : NZ.& AUST.CH. KERRYBRENT MIDNITE