Southridge Working Border Collies

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All Southridge puppies are raised in an encouraging environment where we promote happy, healthy, receptive, well adjusted puppies through interactive play, socialisation and an enrichment process.  Many hours go into raising puppies to a high standard and owners are encouraged to be a large part of this process, hence our home is open to those on our puppy lists from 3-8 weeks for visits, however, we do understand that location of owners often precludes this, so luckily for those of you who can't visit, I take lots of photos!  This is not a business, we breed to get puppies for ourselves so we do expect some consideration to the fact this is our home.

Our puppies all leave home with NZKC registration (limit register unless agreed specifically), 6 weeks free puppy insurance, blanket, numerous toys, food sample, information sheets on nutrition, grooming, training, health and a private contract with specific conditions as below.  All owners will be required to sign this contract or a variation of this if main registration is agreed.

Mating expected March 2020 - Halo (Southridge Hells Lil Angel) x Lockie (Lockie of Icy Mountain Imp. Chile).  This will be Halo's final litter and we have found a stunning boy for her in Lockie.  Lockie was imported to NZ by his immigrating family and is currently 9 years old.  We have assisted his loving family with Lockies care while they sort their accommodation issues which currently disallow dogs.  Lockie is a highly play and food driven boy.  While he is a pet he was bred by an agility kennel in Chile who compete and judge regularly in the USA.  Lockies pedigree is quite interesting in that he is 3/4 ISDS with a greater number of Int Sup Ch behind him than normally seen, 1/8 US performance lines and 1/8 NZ lines!  A very interesting combo.  He is a large but nimble boy, with a focus I have rarely seen in the breed, a focus I would recommend for obedience.  He tends to be anybodies friend and nothing much fazes him even if it is changing homes.  He responds beautifully to verbal commands and has little fear of anything.  He has been beautifully bred and raised and will be an asset to our breeding programme.  I expect these pups to be high food, play and working drive, suitable for performance and active knowledgeable homes.  You can read more about Halo on her page above.  We are assembling a waiting list now for this litter so enquiries are welcome. Lockies DNA has been submitted and we are waiting on results.

Tiki will be mated to Griff as a repeat mating in June 2020.  We just love what these two produced last year.  Tess the pup we kept from last years litter is a culmination of everything we wanted to achieve pairing these 2.  We expect medium to strong eyed pups, fast, highly trainable with good natural instinct.  Both parents are fully DNA tested with updated test swabs sent to Genescoper/MyDogDNA early February to update tests.  We will be taking names for this litter.