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Cap (ISDS 00/324171)

Cap is tested Clear for the following.

Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia 

Ncl- Border Collie 

Ivermectin Sensitivity Mdr1 

Degenerative Myelopathy 

Cobalamin Malabsorption Dublin Deficiency (IGS)

Primary Lens Luxation 

Myotonia Congenita CLCN1

Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia

Tested Carrier of Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome (TNS)

Cap is a very sweet boy who has had a bit of a hard life.  He was imported in utero from the UK and whelped in NZ.  We took Cap on in 2017 as a 5 year old and it became quite quickly obvious that he had been beaten and kicked severely.  We were told that he wouldn't run out for his owner, however we found quite the opposite problem, he would run out but wild horses wouldn't stop him and his confidence certainly grew quickly when he realised there was no threat of beating. He had made it through to 5 only knowing the command "That'll do".  This posed some issues as it was all he knew for recall.  Unfortunately this left our others dogs wondering what the hell was going on  as they know "that'll do" habitually as leave RIGHT NOW!

What amazed us about this boy was how much he still loved people and would bowl up to anyone to say hi until a fast hand or foot movement would send him cringing.  His temperament is just beautiful and so non confrontational.

Cap is neutered.

Registration Number: ISDS 00/324171, NZKC 18002-2017             
Whelped : 03/10/2012                                    Colour : Black/White

Pedigree for CAP

                        SSS : BEN (ISDS 193623)
          SS : SCOTT (ISDS 231304)
                        SSD : MIST (ISDS 168549)
  S : JIM (ISDS 324171)
                        SDS : BEECHWOOD BEN (ISDS 216332)
            SD : KERRY (ISDS 264225) 
                          SDD : JILL (233586)
                         DSS : BILL (ISDS 256353)
             DS : INT BRACE CH WENNDALE ROY (ISDS 274138)
                         DSD : WENNDALE BETH (ISDS 198897)
  D : MEG (ISDS 307063)
                         DDS : DRIFT (ISDS 214421)
             DD : SALLY (ISDS 250927)
                         DDD : JILL (ISDS 208096)