Southridge Working Border Collies

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All Southridge puppies are raised in an encouraging environment where we promote happy, healthy, receptive, well adjusted puppies through interactive play, socialisation and an enrichment process.  Many hours go into raising puppies to a high standard and owners are encouraged to be a large part of this process, hence our home is open to those on our puppy lists from 3-8 weeks for visits, however, we do understand that location of owners often discludes this, so luckily for those of you who can't visit, I take lots of photos!  This is not a business, we breed to get puppies for ourselves so we do expect some consideration to the fact this is our home.

Our puppies all leave home with NZKC registration (limit register unless agreed specifically), 6 weeks free puppy insurance, blanket, numerous toys, food sample, information sheets on nutrition, grooming, training, health and a private contract with specific conditions as below.  Our puppies are $950.  All owners will be required to sign this contract or a variation of this if main registration is agreed:

  • This puppy is sold on the premise of pet only and the owner has verified both verbally and via questionnaire that their property and                  lifestyle is suitable for ownership of this pup.
  • This puppy has been thoroughly vet checked and we confirm that no information has been withheld and the puppy has been deemed fit          for homing at 8 weeks old.
  • This puppy is NZKC registered with the following restrictions - NOT TO BE BRED.  This means the puppy should be spayed/neutered              around 1 year of age and not bred from.
  • No Onsale - Should this home for some reason not work out, this pup is to be returned immediately to Southridge Kennels.  By signing            this agreement you waive the right of onsale or giving away.  The breeder will have the puppy assessed by a professional and any                    remedial training will be done to prepare the puppy for a new home.  The breeder will refund FAIR MARKET PRICE less any expenses            incurred in the recovery/retraining of the dog.
  • Any behavioural issues that may arise with the puppy must be reported immediately to the breeder for referral to a professional service            that is qualified to assist with correction.
  • We confirm that this pups parents have been DNA tested for CEA, CL, TNS, IVM, DM, FD, IGS, PLL in most cases through 2 separate            testing companies with Clear results unless otherwise specified at the back of the accompanying vet booklet.  We confirm that we have            looked closely at the lines in 10 generations and researched for any incidence of epilepsy, HD, ED, OCD, autoimmune disease, discoid            and systemic lupus, addisons disease and BCC with favourable results. Some of these conditions can be random in their distribution but          we are happy to provide a health guarantee that to our knowledge your puppy should be free of genetic disease, however, there are no            100% in breeding with untestable conditions so in the event that your pup is diagnosed with a genetic disease, on production of a                    specialist certificate you will be entitled to a full refund of the purchase price.  This does not include minor afflictions that can be deemed          environmental.  
  • You agree to make available any veterinary diagnosis for the consideration of the breeder in future matings.

All enquirers will be expected to complete a questionnaire either verbally or in writing with no exceptions.

All dogs and puppies are proudly raised on Orijen Grain Free one of the best foods available globally and in accordance with the NZKC Breeders Code of Ethics.

For breeding plans/litters, please see below.


Halo will be mated to Glen 20521 as a repeat mating in 2017.  Riff is a pup from their previous litter 2 years ago and others in the litter can be viewed on the sport dogs page.  The pups will be nicely structured with good temperaments and more suited to performance or working homes as they have very high energy levels and need a job.  Riff has proven to be beautifully temperamented as have her litter mates and she is a very natural and balanced stock worker.  Glen comes from NZ trialling lines and passes some of these qualities on while Halo is the quintessential easy train dog with good stock sense, plain eye and a huge desire to please. These two produced big pups last time so good sized girls in the 500's and boys in the mid to late 500's.  All enquiries are welcome however these pups will only go to homes who are experienced and can provide a job for the pup, e.g. working or performance.

Halo (Southridge Hells Lil Angel)

Glen 20521